About us

We are a young start-up of the medical product industry.

Our vision is to offer early-born as well as newborn optimal development. We are committed to raise awareness of the possibilities and to provide support for babies and their parents. Our products are an important part of realizing this vision.
We develop and distribute development-promoting storage aids for early and newborn babies.
For nine years Anna has been working on the development of her heart products in her spare time. As a physiotherapist for the prematures, she has experienced on a daily basis the difficulties and obstacles for the babys and their parents, and thus also how to facilitate them and improve their development.  

In summer 2019, together with Lars, she founded Born for Life GmbH.

In the meantime, the team has grown and we want to continue to grow.


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Nicolai Pergande

Medical product certification

Corinna Warnecke

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